Hormone Inbalance, POCS and insulin resistance

I have had a weight problem for most of my life. It is a constant struggle with not much success. I had tried many diets and diet plans with only short term success even though lifestyle and dietary changes have been made.

I am struggling with the weight which is causing me a lot of distress.

I am following a low gi diet plan, taking diaformin, exercising 4-5 hours a week and am loosing 3kg a month. I feel for the effort that I am putting in weight loss is quite low.

What do you suggest?

My fears are that due to my obesity I face many more health issues and most likely a short life span. I am also concerned that I will become a diabetic regardless of how hard I am trying as I don't feel that I am in control of my body. I am also fearful of the medication and what it is really doing to my body as the side effects are not very pleasant and interfere with everyday living.

Can you help?

It is always harder to lose weight will PCOS and insulin resistance. 3 kg a month does not sound to bad, but thing of it as a lifestyle change and not a diet. You may also be putting on muscle which is heavier then fat but still losing fat and getting the benifits of exersize.

The key is not to get dishearted and give up and when you have a bad day dont let it turn into a bad week-month-year.

By keeping a food diary you may see if there are things you could improve on that you dont notice at the time. Food diaries can also help a dietitian identify any areas you could improve on. A dietitian can also give you encouragment and motivation.


Sarah Davis (APD)

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Jun 13, 2012
pocs & weight NEW
by: Brony

Hi, I have had the unpleasant fact that doctors and professionals do not know how we (those with pocs) really feel deep inside of how we look and feel about our body and looks. I was told that instead of worrying about diets or how you look best to just not eat and cover mirrors....wow does a lot for our self esteem. I have also a 99% risk of diabetics as my family history is so strong. this condition we live with 24/7 decreases our self esteem and belief in ourselves.

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