I have had IBS and Gastric reflux for a number of years I take regular medication for reflux but I am hitting a brick wall with the IBS. I have tried food combining and I try very hard to eat healthy foods, I'm obviously missing something.

Answer: Research into diet and IBS has come a long way in the past few years and a couple of diet techniques dietitians use can have good success. The first step is to start a food diary and note any bowel symptoms on it. This will help you and your dietitian to identify possible food triggers that will help use decide which diet technique to use. You can also try probitotics, fish oil and avoidance of fatty or spicy foods. Your shoul always follow up any bowel issues with a Gastro specialist to investigate any medical issues to eliminate first. The next stage is to see a dietitian regarding Elimination diets and food challanges. The ones I use if you would like to do some research before seeing a dietitian are the RPHA elimination diet and the newer FODMAP diet. But never do these diets on your own as they are diagnosis diets and should to be used forever and can be nutritionally defficent so a dietitian can help make it as balanced as possible.

Thanks and hope that gives you a start

Sarah Davis (APD)

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