by chizlib
(Wales UK)

Following endoscopy and biopsy I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. The day after the biopsy I went on a strict gluten free diet. I seem to have a very bad digestive reaction to many of the commercial gluten free products, I have already worked out that I possibly have lactose intolerance, but the reaction to the commercial gluten free products is very marked, mostly biscuits and cakes. I am wondering if this is a common problem and what the causative substance could be, raising agent or similar. When I bake homemade cakes, biscuits, bread, etc using gluten free flours and adding xanthan gum I have no problems at all. Any suggestions? Chizlib

It is a good idea to see a dietitian who can closely look at your diet to see if there incidental sources of gluten you may not be aware of. Lactose intolerence is also common with coeliac and can be investigated with diet also. There are other components in foods which can also upset an already sensitive stomach. A dietitian can investigate this with an "elimination diet' and food challanges. Going throught te process is the onl way to investigate all options properly. Thanks and hope that helps
Sarah Davis APD

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