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New Year Goals 2011
January 16, 2011

New Year Goals 2011

Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a healthy New Year

The New Year is a time to reflex on the successes and the mistakes of the past 12 months and think about what we want out of 2011. Health is important at any time of the year but how did you manage your weight last year? Or perhaps you had other niggling health issues like high cholesterol, climbing blood pressure, failing knees, or struggling to manage your blood glucose levels?

Are you going to continue to struggling with these issues for the next 12 months? If you handled these issues the same for the next 12 months as you do for the past 12 months, would you health be better or worse by 2012?

Well these are things that seeing an accredited practicing dietitian can help with. Whether it is a diet plan that is tailored to you, nutritional education on what to eat, or just some ongoing support in your health goals we can help. You need not spend the next 12 months putting on another 5kg or not continuing the exercise that you started at the beginning of the year. A dietitian can help you set realistic goals as well as help set the steps in place to help you reach your goals. You may not become a supermodel or a professional athlete but maybe a healthier YOU and think how that may affect the rest of your life not just 2011.

So if you need some extra support in setting, sticking and achieving your health goals for 2011 a dietitian may be the extra help you need. If you would like more information about

A healthy meal plan that is just for you

Education about the better options to eat

What is a balanced diet

How much exercise to do

Help, support and accountability

How to set realistic goals for 2011

Please make an appointment to see Sarah Davis an experienced accredited practicing dietitian to get the answers that will work for your health goals in 2011.

Thank you From the team at Davis Dietetics

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